The Zen Mind Space


Dr. Marla Reis

PhD, Founder and CEO of Zen Mind Space

Dr. Marla Reis, Ph.D is a Licensed Psychologist working in South Florida for the last 25+ years. Her work focuses on mindfulness and enhanced communication. She has always had a deep connection to holistic psychology and medicines and wants to share her passion with others.


Emmy Slaibe

Emmy Slaibe is playful, loving and passionate soul. She moved from a gem of an island, known as the Dominican Republic, to pursue her profession as an occupational therapist. While in graduate school, Emmy came across the physical practice of yoga, not knowing that this practice would become an integral part of her life, and positively impact the lives of her clients. With a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Masters Degree and clinical background in Occupational Therapy, as well as and her certification in Hatha Yoga, Trauma informed yoga, and Reiki healing, Emmy combines both science and alternative holistic modalities to promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Emmy is also founder and owner of Yo.T Holistic Wellness where she combines yoga, and OT to promote success in daily occupations and overall sense of wellbeing and an emphasis on mental health.

Katie Fly


Katie brings her skills as an Acupuncturist to Zen Mind Space with a great depth of compassion and understanding.  In 2011 she received her Master’s degree in Acupuncture from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, FL.  At the same time she completed a 27-month certification course in Chinese Herbal Medicine as well as a 12-month course in Medical Qi Gong.  She is nationally board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and licensed by the state of Florida.

Katie strongly believes that great health is much more than just the absence of disease, but a complete state of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  She sees each of her clients as unique individuals with boundless potential for health, happiness and the ability to experience the joy of life.  It is Katie’s great passion to help empower the unique gifts that each of her patients has to offer, nurturing them into a more energized and balanced state which then improves the overall quality and direction of their lives.


Sandy Ziya

Functional Medicine

In the summer of 2015 Sandy Ziya moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to continue coaching, training and race directing. Feeling that her practice was missing the critical component of how to help her athletes through pain and injuries, she started attending Oriental Medicine School in Fort Lauderdale (ATOM).  In 2018, she graduated as an acupuncture physician and now has added acupuncture, cupping, and laser treatments to her offerings!

Markelle Charles-Deservio

Reiki Master

Markelle has been practicing reiki for 6 years and teaching it for 4. She works in three recovery and detox centers, helping people to find their inner light and raise their vibration. She specializes in biogenetics, working on the mental habits that block flow, balancing them and healing from within. She also leads a women’s group each month, helping women get the most out of their life.

Chloe Ravel

Chloe is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Essential Oil Educator and Brand Consultant for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Teachers.

In January 2017, she began her personal brand The Gemini Rising with the intention to create more conscious community, content and experiences in South Florida and on her online platforms. Chloe is passionate about empowering others through the healing arts. Her classes, consultations, and workshops promote mindful living, stress management and mental health through the practice of movement, meditation, sound healing and aromatherapy. She is also passionate about her work as a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Chloe's brand, The Gemini Rising also serves as a local community activator by hosting larger events such as Rooftop Yoga Gatherings, Yoga Block Parties, and Sensory Essential Oil Experiences.

As a brand and as a teacher, Chloe's intention is to authentically connect with others to help them live their healthiest life.

Josefina Campiani

Josefina Campiani DOM, LAc. is a Doctor in Oriental Medicine, a Herbalist, a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Florida and Diplomate in Acupuncture (NCCAOM). She has completed training in Nutrition, Detoxification, Food as Medicine in the Center for Mind and Body Medicine. She is also a Vegan Chef.

Her mission is to educate people on The Power Of Food To Heal Your Body, Prevent Disease & Achieve Optimal Health. Her clients include those challenged by Weight problems, Chronic Health Conditions as Asthma, Allergies, Hormonal Problems, Constipation, Digestive and other Gastrointestinal symptoms, and also Mood concerns . She likes to work with people who are ready for a Whole Food, Whole Body, Vibrant Health and a Functional Nutrition approach.
She lives in Miami, FL with her husband, 3 children and 2 dogs, she enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, yoga, meditation and being with her family.

Klaudia Bohorquez


Dr. Klaudia Bohorquez earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2015 from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and Social Work from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. After completing her Chiropractic internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr. Klaudia practiced in Lima, Peru for a year and has now settled in Fort Lauderdale.

As a Florida-native with an open mind and a profound desire to serve her community, she’s always known her heart belongs in South Florida. Her adventures abroad introduced her to different cultures and people that have refined her perspective on what health care should be: a lifestyle, healing from the inside out.

In her free time, you can find Dr. Klaudia in the ocean-swimming or scuba diving, or on land: practicing yoga, cycling, or enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family. 

Dr. Klaudia is excited to work with you to achieve an optimal level of health, wellness and functionality! 


Eva Benmeleh


Dr. Eva Benmeleh is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in helping children and adolescents succeed in school by providing comprehensive and individualized psychological and psycho-educational testing. Her evaluations cover the child’s complete background history and also provides specific and strategic recommendations to give parents and other helping professionals a solid framework for action. Dr. Benmeleh is bilingual in English and Spanish. 

Dr. Benmeleh’s approach to testing children and adolescents have centered around allowing the client to feel comfortable throughout the testing process.

The format for the evaluations with Dr. Benmeleh includes:

  • An in-depth gathering of background information with parents and the child.

  • Testing sessions with the client.

  • Feedback session which include a copy of the final report, a discussion of results, and a strategic plan of action to help the client reach their potential.

Keegan Mills

Reiki Practitioner & Holistic Health Coach

Keegan Mills has served as a mentor and coach for individual and collective transformation for 15 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degree, both of which provided opportunities for Keegan to mentor young adults and professionals to live at their highest potential. She recently relocated to her hometown of Fort Lauderdale to bring her 20 years of travel, transformation, and healing work to her home community. 

Keegan draws on her experiences with healing modalities such as meditation, yoga, spiritual readings, mantra, plant medicines, and affirmations to hold space for others so they can explore their own paths of healing and transformation. As a holistic health coach, she works with individuals to gain alignment for physical, spiritual, and emotional health incorporating plant medicines and nutrient rich superfoods. She is a certified yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, and doula.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.
— Keegan Mills

Her mantra is when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. Keegan aims to create a space of healing for others so we can rewire our minds and bodies to step out into the world with a clearer sense of ourselves and our purpose addressing life's challenges with enhanced mindfulness and clarity. 

 You can find Keegan sharing her life on stage as a storyteller, writing inspirational words for personal transformation, creating art for meditation, teaching yoga, supporting women and their families as a doula, creating heart-centered community, or taking walks with her 7 pound Shih Tzu, Iggy, on the beach. 

Oshrat Shira Yechzkia

Movement Meditation Coach

My name is Oshrat Shira and I’m 36 years old. I was born in Israel and have lived in the United States for about 20 years off and on and ever since then I’ve been on the border from Europe to California and now Florida. While being an explorer, I manifested Movement Meditation in my life about almost a decade ago. I’ve always been spiritual since childhood and accessing all my life with a very strong intuition. In the past year I have been doing private sessions with people exposing and letting them discover and dive into their feeling and to themselves and movement meditation.

Jo-Ann Radus

Personal Development Coach 

Listener | Empath | Reminder | Facilitator | Speaker | Expressive Artist | Healer | Mother | Daughter | Sister | Friend

Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Serving the world. Offering powerful transformative individual & group sessions with a comprehensive approach to healing the mind, body & soul through somatic wisdom & Expressive Arts.

The Results System Work ( Kinesiology)

Jo-Ann is a trained social worker with over 30 years of experience in both individual and group processes. In 1993, she trained with The late Margaret Keen in The Results system. Using kinesiology and the wisdom of the body she clearly identifies blockages and the root causes. The system then provides highly individualized guidance on multiple treatment levels that help in fundamental ways to shift the blockage and restore alignment.

The work is comprehensive in that it explores physical, nutrition, emotional, electrical & spiritual realms. The work is deep and the results are remarkable!