Beginning Your Mindfulness Practice - Mental Health Awareness Month

As you may have heard, mindfulness is the emerging trend in the best teaching facilities and hospitals in the country. Yet those trends don’t become trendy without some science (aka empirical support) backing them up. As such, many highly-respected studies have shown the positive effects of mindfulness practices on anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, attention issues, insomnia, and other mood disorders.

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KonMari Your Parenting & Spark Joy in Your Kids’ Lives

If we can mindfully create a schedule for self-care in the same way we create all the other scheduling that takes place for our children, we can help provide a sense of calm and safety in their otherwise chaotic worlds. It provides a release of tension children know they can rely on and allows children to recover and grow, serving a vital purpose in child development.

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Why Everyone Should Have A Mindfulness Practice... From a psychologist who doesn’t like the word “should”.

Although there continues to be a taboo around mental illness – which I believe is perpetuated through the social and professional forces that push us as a community to keep mental illness a “secret“ – I find…

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Invest in Yourself!

Experience All That Zen Mind Space Has To Offer in 2019. 
Zen Mind Space proudly offers monthly memberships with no long term commitment to allow our clients to customize their experience each month.

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Stephie Rockwell