Beginning Your Mindfulness Practice - Mental Health Awareness Month

Be. Here. Now.

Those of you who know me know that I take the “scientific” component of mindfulness and the healing therapies very seriously (I’m a research fanatic!). I find it so important to share my understanding with you, as that is what drives the intention behind bringing Holistic Psychology and Integrative Medicine to Zen Mind Space.

As you may have heard, mindfulness is the emerging trend in the best teaching facilities and hospitals in the country. Yet those trends don’t become trendy without some science (aka empirical support) backing them up. As such, many highly-respected studies have shown the positive effects of mindfulness practices on anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, attention issues, insomnia, and other mood disorders. 💜

Incorporating mindfulness into your life can start from something as simple as bringing intention to your morning tea ritual, wearing a bracelet with your favorite crystals, or beginning a formal meditation or yoga practice, among others. Anything that brings your attention into the present will help you cultivate the mindfulness practice that guides your Mental and Emotional Wellness Plan.

But, by far, the best way to understand the benefits of mindfulness is to experience it for yourself....

One of my favorite ways to experience mindfulness is through a “Do Nothing” ritual.. (You’re welcome.... 😎)

To do this, first set aside a special time for yourself. It may be a time to meditate, enjoying aromatherapy, or saying a prayer.

The following prompts can guide your “Do Nothing” practice:

-Relax into the moment. Because so many of us have become “human doings,” feelings of guilt tend to arise at the thought of “doing nothing.” Simply acknowledge these feelings, but don’t give them power.

-Mindfully do nothing. This ritual is about coming alive in your present experience and engaging all your senses. So even if you become distracted in your thoughts, keep going back to experiencing the moment.

-You can’t do this the “wrong way,” so notice if you begin judging your ritual. By acknowledging that you’re carving out sacred time for yourself, you are already receiving a benefit.

- Keep it simple. This will help you create a mindfulness practice that you can flow into whenever you’re feeling the desire to connect with yourself.

Please take a few moments right now to indulge in this beautiful mindfulness mini-retreat... I would love to hear how this felt for you, so please feel free to share your experience in the comments section, or message me directly.

By Dr. Marla Reis, Ph.D.