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Raising a Human-Being or a Human-Doing? Self-Care for Your Kids’ School Year.

Do you feel it? That frenzy of activity as parents flit about “getting ready” for their children’s upcoming school year. Most parents are now full on into the preparations to ensure their offspring’s future success.

But please, parents, take deep care during this month to continue a healthy pace into the new school year. A transition in schedule does not necessitate a more stressful, harried mindset.

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KonMari Your Parenting & Spark Joy in Your Kids’ Lives

If we can mindfully create a schedule for self-care in the same way we create all the other scheduling that takes place for our children, we can help provide a sense of calm and safety in their otherwise chaotic worlds. It provides a release of tension children know they can rely on and allows children to recover and grow, serving a vital purpose in child development.

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