The Meanderings of Hurricane Dorian

One of the blessings of doing the kind of work I do is that I’m trusted as a witness to the wide range of human experiences. 

People often ask me how I can sit and “listen to people complaining all day.” What I’ve discovered over the years of creating therapeutic space for others is that I don’t experience what they’re sharing with me as complaints. To the contrary, I find their sharing to be offerings of hope.

You see, no one comes in to see me - or visit Zen Mind Space - desiring to hold on to thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that no longer serve them. They intuitively know that something’s off. Rather, they enter the space looking to expose those programs as a lie... and to learn how to alter them.

That’s where I come in as someone who has somehow received a gift 🙏🏽 of being able to quickly and effectively identify inaccurate and unhelpful emotional patterns, as well as help tweak those patterns so they’re more aligned with the Truth. I also am very mindful of keeping my energy at a consistently high level, so I can help elevate the energy in the room instead of potentially aligning with the heavier energetic frequency and allowing it to bring us all down. 

This can actually be a very fun challenge, and I often play the “energy game” to see the highest frequency that can be tapped into.  Sometimes I can only arrive at a “lower” frequency than other times, especially when I haven’t been practicing self-care and self-love, or when there’s something that seems serious or scary to the human (limited) eye.

This process is especially helpful during times of “collective fear” like most of us have been experiencing during this past week of anticipating Hurricane Dorian. The collective process of managing the energetic frequencies that we’ll tap into as a whole works in the same way as the more individual process. 

We decide together the energy we want to tap into, and then we move toward that.  The more we practice this, the more habitual it becomes, so eventually it seems automatic. 

So... in addition to physically providing care and assistance to those with basic survival needs during this time, another collective responsibility of ours is to mindfully come together and find the highest level of love, strength, and wellness, and then send that out into the ethers.  

And then if we could intentionally do this even without the threat of a natural disaster, then we would not only be living... but truly being.

Be. Here. Now. 💜

By Dr. Marla Reis, Ph.D.