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Finding Your Birth Tribe with Jen Radnay

Knowledge is power and allows us to make educated conscious decisions regarding one of the most important events in your life- the Birth of your Child!

There are many styles, preferences & many Choices.
Your Zen Mom tribe is here to support & educate you to move forward with your Birth Vision.

Holistic Doula & Conscious Birth Coach Jennifer Radnay, will be here for you to guide you through your Birth options.

-We will be clarifying what is and are the the differences between an OBGYN, MIdwife and DOULA.
-Birth place options of Hospital, Birth Center & Home Birth
-what is a “water birth”

-The importance of A Birth Tribe and choosing the best practitioners to support your needs.

-Establishing a sacred self care practice to help guide you intuitively from Maiden to Motherhood.