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RITUAL: Pillar 1- Sacred Smoke and The Art of Smudging


a ceremony or action performed in customary way. This will be a 2 part series introducing Sacred Self Care remedies & Mindful practices to add to your everyday Selflove regimen.

Pillar 1: Sacred Smoke: "the art of smudging"

Pillar 2: Sacred Space: “tools to raise your vibration”

Herbal Smudging is a sacred practice & ritual used for thousands of years by our ancestors & Native Americans to help balance the Mental, Emotional, Physical & energetic body. The concept behind burning & connecting with the plants, herbs & flowers contribute to a Healthy space and have many medicinal & therapeutic properties and qualities.

In this workshop, we will Explore the wondrous magic behind several smudging herbs while learning the History and benefits along with Ritual Guidance & Ideas to spruce up your smudging game. To Seal up all the good vibes, towards the end of the workshop, a Crystal bowl sound meditation paired with a smudge bath will leave you feeling cleansed, cleared & spiritually aligned.

Workshop Includes:

3/4 page Booklet

Smudge Stick Set

Sound Meditation