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RITUAL: Pillar 2- Sacred Space

n this modern day and age, we seem to be moving really fast, highly stressed and completely out of touch with our inner ourselves. So creating sacred space & tapping into simple self-care/love rituals is an essential part of maintaining a harmonious flow & well-balanced state of mind and being.

When we mindfully practice conscious habits and surround ourselves with simple reminders of Peace, Love, and Beauty, life seems to flow effortlessly and contributes to the lifestyle you wish to create. Just think about it, The space in which we create outside of ourselves truly is a reflection of our inner state and what we wish to attract/be in.

It is also scientifically proven that the outside space or energy of our surroundings affects our moods and changes how we behave and interact.

In this workshop, we'll learn how to incorporate the Earth's elements and directions into creating our personal altar & living space. In Addition to the feng shui, we'll explore how Crystals, Candles, Colors, Sound & Sacred adornments affect the energy in our inner/outter space. We will dive into simple 3T's Tools, Tips, Techniques to raise your vibration and learn how creating sacred divine space supports your shining growth, transformational endeavors & thriving manifestations.

Towards the end, you will be guided through a relaxing sound bath to wash your aura clean and align your chakra body.

EACH Guest will receive a Crystal Kit Based off of their Astrological sign, So PRE-SIGN up is Required.

Workshop Includes:


Informational Guide with Healing Tools & energetic practices.

Astrological Crystal Set

Sound & Sacred Smoke Bath Meditation