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Subtle Waves: Finding your Aura with Sound Bath Meditation

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." -Nikola Tesla

Energy is a very precious currency that we give/receive + encounter on many different levels & ways throughout our day. Maintaining a solid ground in our energy body daily, is not only beneficial for balancing our chakras, but also prevents us from exhaustion & depletion.

In Subtle waves, we’ll learn a few tips on how to move the energy around to keep our chakra body flowing evenly with the support of Powerful Breath work, alluring aromas + soothing sounds. But First, an AURA photographer will be present to capture your current AURA (unique energetic blueprint) before the vibrational healing session begins.

You will then witness what Chakras are active/inactive and discover the colors that shine directly out of your cells or “light body." Aura photography is an Actual Visual of what your present mental, emotional, physical & spiritual body is emitting. This is combination of your signature energetic expression.

After the Soaking in the Multi Sensory vibes, we will take a 2nd photo to compare BEFORE/AFTER picture.

Here we will identify and notice how positively strong & effective Mindful Meditation & Vibrational healing really is.

This is an exploration & experimental type of meditation to examine the quantum power behind Meditation & how it regenerates the entire body.

Δ A 10 Minute Chakra body Explanation is Included in AURA photo session