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An Evening of Hope, Healing & Strength with Dr. Laurie's SoulCollage®

Dr. Laurie Nadel, psychotherapist and author of “The Five Gifts: Discovering Hope, Healing, and Strength When Disaster Strikes” knows what it is like to have her life turned upside down. In her search for reliable ways to release the painful emotions brought about by these difficult experiences, Dr. Laurie discovered SoulCollage®, a creative hands-on process that bypasses the rational mind and let us tap into our own wisdom and inner strength.

SoulCollage® combines meditation with art journaling so that you can ask powerful questions that only your deeper self can answer. It’s a form of active dreaming where you find your way to a relaxed, playful state.

“Sometimes the hands can solve a mystery that the mind has struggled with in vain.” – Carl Jung

As you allow your hands to guide you towards the images that you choose for your collage, you may be surprised that some images seem to call you. Your intuition will guide you to the pictures you need.

Whether you living in a difficult relationship, going through a loss (breakup, divorce or death of a loved one), or conflicted about a decision, SoulCollage® can lead you to a new place of hope, healing and strength.

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