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Cha Dao Tea Ceremony

The Cha Dao Tea Ceremony is an ancient meditative practice of Chinese lineage. Chao Dao, meaning "The Way of Tea" will use Tea as the vehicle to the destination of the heart. We sit in sacred circle, in silence sipping Pu'erh Tea, an aged healing tea which comes from trees hundreds of years old. This tea is known as 'Living Tea' and has the power to cleanse, purify, ground, and heal the Spirit. When treated as ancient medicine, it will guide us to the subtle areas within that will be gently healed and processed. Qi is balanced and with each ceremony, we are born anew. With each bowl of tea we are guided into a meditative softening, an opening into our inner realms. In this space of awakened presence and mindfulness, we journey into deep listening, into the heart and towards a healing of the Spirit.

Tea served by Robin from Robin's House of Tea.

This event is limited to 12 people - please sign up early!