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Breath of Love Workshop

Breath of Love is a specialized breathing technique that will allow you to experience a profound sense of liberation from worry and anxiety. It will open you up to a whole new level of peace, bliss, and clarity.  

Breath is essential to life so imagine what can become possible when you learn to breathe properly and welcome a new way of leading life.  Instead of feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, overwhelm, and a constant level of stress, Breath of Love, will introduce you to a more ease filled way to move through life.  Modern life does not have to steal your joy. There is nothing more valuable than learning to cultivate deep inner peace that can be sustained even in difficult circumstances.

Deeply nourishing, a Breath of Love session creates a sacred and safe space full of unconditional love and support. The focus is on the breath with the addition of heart-opening music, and energy work creating truly profound results while resting. Breath of Love is an incredible experience of coming back home to yourself.