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Kirtan: A Chanting Experience

Chanting, better known as Kirtan, is an ancient participatory music experience. Without having to quiet our minds, as with meditation, chanting can take us to that relaxed and quiet state, through music. One of the oldest sacred music traditions of the world, chanting, the call and response genre, comes to us from India. Through the use of ancient mantras, chanting calls upon sacred energies, which serve to quiet the mind, remove obstacles and bring us back to our center, our soul.

Most of us spend the day in our heads, running and thinking about where we have to be and what we have to do next. Chanting gives us a time to come back to our center and when this happens we are able to feel inspired, at peace and most importantly a sense of connection. The beauty of chanting is that with little or no effort we can experience and enjoy the vibrations of peace, energy, healing and inspiration that are always within us.

 So, join us, and let’s give ourselves permission to relax, open our hearts and CHANT together. Feel this magical power of chanting in a group setting!