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Crystals for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Crystals are not just all pretty and sparkly on the outside or some new age fad! Learn what these magical pieces of earth have to offer!

Each precious stone holds healing properties that match our same being & harmonize our energetic body, balancing our entire system!

Crystals have been used for millennia to heal, magnify, and balance in many ways. They work through resonance and vibration & are made up of the mineral and elemental realms of the earth. Known for their healing benefits, crystals deeply resonate with the earth's consciousness and inherits wisdom within their crystalline structure from the beginning of time with the occurrence of earth's shifting.

That being said, each specimen holds immense power and intelligence of earth's evolution.

In this workshop, we'll learn HOW crystals harmonize our mental & emotional states, & explore a variety of healing crystals that aid in combating everyday stress, common anxiety, and mental imbalances .

Diving deeper into crystal magic, we will also learn simple tools and rituals to support emotional health and gain insight on how to incorporate these techniques to obtain high vibrational living and overall wellness.

Sealing the night off in bliss with an extra sensory sound bath which will help to store the knowledge inwards and connect with our personal crystals in an even more intimate way.


3 Crystals

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