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Full Moon Goddess Circle

Known in the wise woman tradition, it is essential for women to gather and connect during the New/Full moon. For thousands of years, women have been gathering together in sacred circle to honor, cherish, feel and move through the natural rhythms and cycles of life.

Naturally as cyclical beings, women are synced to the seasons & lunar phases and share a special, intimate power as the moon and earth transition. Linking to the energy of the moon helps us harness & embody the vibration of that current lunar phase. With this divine knowledge at heart, it is a tool to internally dig deep into our emotions (energy in motion) & tap into our primal nature for radical self care & healing.

Each Goddess circle is themed by the current astrological movement of that month and Is built in a Sacred Safe Space for you to be held, so you can get Real and Raw.

We are calling every woman, daughter, sister to join us as we dive deep into our feminine nature by exploring a variety of empowering practices while Embodying shakti energy.

This is open invite for the woman of our community to collectively support one another, as we bond and cultivate the Dynamic power of our own intuitive wisdom & womanhood.

We are so excited to be offering this experience for you to feel connected, supported, empowered & WHOLE.

This workshop is safe and open to all seasons of life. Pregnancy & Postnatal recovery is supported and safe.

Explorations Of the Eve Include :

Open Circle for Sharing/Expressing

Astro Talk & Intentional Moon Journaling

Empowering Guidance

Medicine Movement (Gentle Yoga, Breathwork, Intuitive Dance)

Embodiment Practices (Self Love + Self Care Remedies)

Oracle messages

Sound Meditation

Sister Support

Chocolate, Roses & Tea

To All Goddesses Please wear flow-ey Or comfortable clothing.

Bring Journal + Pen & Your Sweet Soul & Open Heart