Crystal Facials


Open your heart and instill an unconditional love for oneself for enhancing natural beauty with organic skin care and ancient healing crystals.

The combination of natural and organic ingredients from Eminence skin care and using the healing power of crystals and gemstones is a perfect way to healing sanctuary for beauty at the highest vibrations to promote vibrant, radiant and youthful skin.


Crystal Facial Benefits
for People


The below are just a few of the key benefits:

  • Detoxes the skin

  • Lifts and softens fine lines and wrinkles

  • Gets rid of impurities and toxins

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

  • Improve blood circulation an skin tone

  • Reduce fluid retention and puffiness

  • Stimulate circulation


Types of Crystal Facials


Anti-aging + Youthfulness

Facial designed for nourishing and hydrating the skin for youthful radiance.

Bamboo Age Corrective facial uses the most powerful anti-aging technology in natural and organic skin care to boost collagen production and cell regeneration. Wrinkles are smoothed from the inside out and hydration levels are restored. Skin instantly looks and feels firmer and tighter while signs of aging are visibly reduced.

Crystal used: Rose quartz

Benefits: It has wonderfully healing and anti-aging benefits, it reduces tension and relax facial expressions, softens the appearance of fine lines, boosts collagen production, stimulates the immune system and circulation, alleviates puffiness and brings the skin to harmony.  


Nourish + De-stress

Facial for dehydrated, sensitive and fatigued skin

Designed to awake the body’s innate healing ability, which is suppressed due to stress and environmental factors leading to dry, dehydrated, sun damaged and sensitive skins. This healing facial use a healing hibiscus calendula masque that harness the properties of shea butter, hibiscus and calendula flowers to recover and soften the appearance of your skin.

Crystal Used: Sodalite

Benefits: It is excellent for hydration, harmonizing and rejuvenation. Sodalite crystal healing properties promote peace and tranquility, which works to connect our physical and spiritual selves.


Purify + Balance

Facial designed to control excess oil while preserving natural moisture for a balanced complexion. This probiotic facial designed for problem prone skin. Deep pore cleansing and effective exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and unclog the pores. Cucumber and tea tree help prevent the appearance of blemishes and reduce the appearance of inflammation while probiotics exfoliate and soothe the complexion.

Crystal: Amethyst Jade 

Benefits: It helps to improve circulation and calms inflammation, redness or acne skin. Amethyst crystals are often used to ward off negative energies and stress and promote clarity and relaxation. Reduces dark under eye puffiness

Improve your mental, emotional, and physical well being by harnessing the power of aromatherapy and crystals.
— Zen Mind Space