The Science of Human Movement


Kinesiology is the science of human movement, applying the latest evidenced-based research to improve function, health and wellness of people in all settings and populations. The Results System Work (kinesiology) 


Improve Function, Movement
& Overall Wellness



Jo-Ann Radus practices a comprehensive healing modality called The Results system. She uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to access the information stored in your body at a subconscious level. The muscles of the body respond to stressors by showing weakness.  

Jo-Ann will use your own body wisdom by checking your muscles for stress. The system assumes that our natural state is one of alignment. Through the muscle testing we are able to identify exactly where we are out of alignment. We will pin point the specific root cause of the stress and identify if it is physical, nutritional, emotional or spiritual.

Once we identify the root cause we will find a specific replacement or alignment technique that will help to restore our balance. The replacement offerings range from talk therapy; which will identify key underlying belief systems, visualizations, mediations, body work, supplement testing, food testing, referrals to other practitioners and additional work. 

If you are stuck and need help to identify what is really going on internally and if you need help developing practical strategies to support growth and change Jo-Ann’s sessions will be of immense help. 


Jo-Ann I always had such trust in you and this amazing process! It is such a safe process getting to the root of a physical manifestation!! I had such revelations and healing and your facilitation skills helped me go there and explore!
— Marisa Da Fonseca Wollheim, Owner, Amazing Grace Sanctuary - Client for over 20 years!