Pathwork® is a body of wisdom gathered into 258 sensed lectures that guide us through the maze of our unconscious shadows, hidden obstacles, and misbeliefs, to unveil the beauty of our True Self. 

It is an experiential journey that aims to accelerate our process of evolution by proposing deep and broad concepts about Life itself, our minds,  psyche, bodies, and souls. It offers practical tools that enable us to observe and transmute specific characteristics which impede us of manifesting a more prosperous and fulfilling life.


Meet Cibele Salviatto


It takes ten years of formal training and dedication to become a Helper and Cibele offers her total 22 years of experiencing Pathwork and seven years leading groups and supporting individual clients. .  



Assessment (includes two 1 hour sessions, the first for the intake and the second for the program presentation. The program is entirely individual and personalized in length, financial investment, and methodology)

  • Initial Consult $130

  • Follow Up $90

Pathwork® Sundays

Pathwork® Sundays are a series of one day long workshops that invites us to explore Pathwork wisdom on a mind-body-emotion-spirit level and open space for more inner guidance.

We organized the Pathwork® Sundays' themes around life evolution process, and each one is designed based on elected lectures and other sources of inspiration from where we develop exercises, group dynamics, meditations, and other activities.

We offer opportunities for hidden patterns and emotions to surface, and create a safe container to processing and transmuting them, always in alignment with and respect for each person's inner guidance and pace. We also have space for some Pathwork® teachings, sharing, and meditations.