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Restorative Yoga

Daily Group Classes

When your life is racing full-speed ahead, so is your mind. Restorative yoga helps provide that physical and mental balance to prevent stress and anxiety, through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, giving you all the benefits of deep, passive stretching. 

Poses like Child’s Pose, Happy Baby Pose and Savasana must be held for at least a few

minutes, and you can stay in place for up to 15 minutes using bolsters, pillows, straps, blocks, etc. to support your body in a full, long, and comfortable stretch.

Many of our Restorative Yoga classes include sound bowl healing and use of essential oils. 


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. Give yourself permission to take the time to ground your body, open your heart, and calm your mind.


Rather have a private yoga class?

Book a private yoga session today. This one-on-one treatment will ensure that your form is aligned.


Benefits of Yoga for the MYND:

Enhance flexibility

Benefits from full and deep stretches

Boost your immune system

Balance your nervous system

Quiet your mind

Recover from Illness

Heal emotional pain

Restorative Yoga provides a bridge to begin your meditation practice.